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Please read this entire message as it contains important information that you will need to know about Energeia Boot Camp!

There are two steps to registering using your voucher: 1. You must include your voucher number below prior to beginning bootcamp. 2. You must register online using the unique redeem link provided in this message. This link is different from the links on our website. 

Every person must complete the online registration using the link provided, prior to participating in any Energeia Boot Camp classes. We have provided a link below to register using your voucher.  
Please bring gloves, an exercise mat and water for hydration to every class. You do not need to bring dumbbells or any other equipment. 


Your coupon will activate on the start date that you provide during registration. Once registration is complete, start dates cannot be changed and memberships cannot be extended beyond the intended trial period, regardless of circumstances. Please do not request a change of start date.  We use an automatic system that activates memberships; therefore, we cannot adjust start dates and we will not be able to honor your request. 

Once you have completed the registration process, you are then registered for unlimited outdoor classes at all outdoor locations and do not need to sign up for each class. Every class is based on availablility and some classes do fill up and are unavailable. Please email us if you have questions about specific class availability.

Vouchers expire 30 days from start date. 
Online deals and special promotions are intended for new customers only.
Any participant in the Energeia Fitness, LLC program, may use only one coupon, special promo, deal or voucher. 
We will not honor any Groupon, LivingSocial or AmazonLocal deal from a previous customer.

Current or returning customers are excluded from all online coupons, promotions deals or vouchers. 

Online coupons, deals promotions and vouchers are not valid after the expiration date. We do not extend expiration dates under any circumstances. 

New members using online deals, special promotions, or vouchers are not eligible for a free trial class. Please do not sign up for a free trial class before activating your voucher, as your voucher is considered your trial period. Please use the following link to register for your Energeia membership using your voucher. We must recieve your groupon barcode number or Living Social/Amazon Local voucher number via email before your start date.


1. Please use the following link to register for bootcamp online AND 2. Email your voucher or barcode number below:

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